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Bloodlight : The Gateway to Hell....
"To those things that shape us and decide the paths we take, there is no true beginning, not even with our birth, for many are in motion long before we draw our first breath."
-Poppy Z. Brite

You are the typical feminist, depressed, artist.
You go against the crowd and do everything you
can to be different. Too bad noone notices.
Try communicating with people, not just looking
down on them.

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In my blood beats the souls of the races of men.

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"The boy that you loved is the man that you fear. Nothing can stop me now cause i don't care anymore. This world rejects me. This world threw me away. this world never gave me a chance. This world is gonna have to pay..."
-NIN/Marilyn Manson

......I suspect that, could I but dream again, I would learn an answer I would fear to share, even with myself.

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